nurturing great ideas with tecH & compliance

A unique partner for unique projects

We ensure the success of your transformation journey providing you with tailor-made services to support your projects.

Expert thinking & network

We not only brings to you cutting-edge tech expertise but also the strategic insight and decade of experience in shaping ideas from concept to realization.

project management

Our project managers are experienced specialists who monitor and control the project from its initiation to the release of the finished product.

web app development

We deliver custom applications that are not only user-friendly but also highly functional, secure and scalable.

data protection & security

We provide comprehensive compliance services to help you audit your business, assess risks and manage data in the respect of GDPR & nFADP.


HiteQ is also a reseller of software and hardware solutions.

Who we are

We are a dynamic team of consultants, strategists, engineers and partners who help visionary companies transform their organization and connect with top-notch technologies in a secure environment.

Ready for the new fadp?

Data protection is a topic that should not be neglected and the new Federal Act of Data Protection (nFADP) as well as the Data Protection Ordinance will come into force on September 1, 2023.
The nFADP introduces major changes for data controllers and it’s imperative that you address its implementation now. We help SMEs and the different actors of the health sector to put in place these measures in order to be in compliance.

Audit & Consulting

Our mission is to evaluate your level of maturity in order to determine the exact gap for compliance.

compliance program

Based on the audit we provide you with a report including recommendations and a compliance program.

Support & control

On a one-time or recurring basis, we assist you the in implementation of complex projects.

Industry focus

We love making things happen for our clients, that’s why we unashamedly specialize in industries where we are expert!


"We all have dreams and challenges. We all see the potential of technologies to get us there. But when it comes to make it true, it's hard to connect all the different pieces together. It's to answer this situation that I created HiteQ (say it /ˌhaɪ ˈtek/). A pragmatic response where innovation, technology and compliance come together.."

Joab Di Francesco

CEO & Founder